Dr. Richard Jadick, Motivational Keynote Speaker

The “War’s Most Fearless Doctor” is a renowned motivational speaker. He will inspire your audience with his honest, heart-wrenching story of how he put himself directly on the battlefield in Fallujah to save lives. Dr. Richard Jadick, the most decorated doctor of the Iraq War, shares his inspiring story of exemplary leadership, the kind of leadership the world needs and we can aspire to be.


" You are an inspiring presenter: your authenticity shines through in every word. I would recommend you as a motivational speaker for any audience. "

– Nicole Malinowski, Chief Curator, TEDx


Dr. Richard Jadick

Dr. Jadick’s story

Dr. Richard Jadick was 38 years old and a full-time physician serving on the general’s staff. He was starting a family, and in a comfortable routine when one day at lunch changed everything. He was in the Division Surgeon’s office. They were frantically in search of a doctor to join the First Battalion…

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Hear Dr. Jadick’s tales of honesty, compassion, bravery, and teamwork. He will inspire you with his story. He is an ordinary guy who stepped up and answered a calling to be a surgeon for our country…

Read more about Dr. Jadick’s story in On Call in Hell, a national bestseller

He talks from the heart. He was named “War’s Most Fearless Doctor,” but inside he was terrified. He admits that he was very afraid. When he was about to step onto the battlefield for the first time, he thought he might cry, but he put his feet on the ground anyway. He will show your audience that no matter what fears they are facing, all they have to do is put their first foot forward and get started…

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